Whether you’re a college or a community, your athletic facility is no doubt the crown jewel of your locale. By providing a place where everyone can get together and watch exciting games—not to mention work out in some cases—it serves as a warm, welcoming gathering place where people can take a load off and bond with their neighbors.

As amazing as your facility’s role is, though, it won’t stay that way forever—not if its image and facilities don't receive periodic updates to stay current. Is now the right time for a little spiffing up? Fieldwallpads.com, your Clarion provider of sports venue padding, window decals, wall decals, and more, has the answers below.

Assess Current Trends

Of course, nothing is wrong with standing out! In fact, doing so is one of the primary ways businesses everywhere vie for consumer attention. That being said, it is necessary to stay up-to-date from a decorative standpoint with what your fellow facilities are doing. You don’t want to risk looking too old-school.

It’s often said in sports that athletes can learn a lot by watching their competitors, and the same holds true for facility owners. Pay a visit to other sports venues or check out their digs online. Do they all share a unifying style aspect that your facility lacks? Perhaps, in that case, it’d be time for an upgrade.

Assess Current Equipment

Ask yourself honestly: are you doing all you can to prevent injury in your athletes? Sure, you may have wall pads up, for example, but is the tech in those wall pads on the front line of the industry?

Safety equipment, especially stadium padding, needs periodic refreshment. This isn’t just to combat age-related degradation, but also to take advantage of new technology that better keeps your athletes healthy, happy, and supported. It’s not only unethical to decline these sorts of facility upgrades when you’re in need—it’s also a bad PR move.

Assess Visitor Attendance

Of course, the last year hasn't been a reliable indicator—but beforehand, how were your game days or community events? Were you drawing in the crowds in droves, or were you a ghost town? While there are plenty of reasons why your visitors may be declining, an aesthetic refresh can do wonders to combat a variety of them and make your facility the vibrant space it used to be once again.

Fieldwallpads.com: For All Your Facility’s Padding and Decorative Needs

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