When you have an established school brand, you most likely have a style guide to go with it—a guide that provides vendor information for everything from what colors to use to the mascot art you want on a given product. With such a comprehensive document, you may reason, what could go wrong with shopping around? How hard can following pre-written instructions be?

While it’s great that you’re shopping so smartly, to ensure top quality—the only type of quality your facility deserves—it’s critical that you buy from one company that can provide you with everything you need. Fieldwallpads.com explains why below.

You’ll Ensure Everything Matches

Of course, this would be the ideal situation if you used multiple companies and a style guide, but the keyword here is ideal. Different companies may use different suppliers to make their products, leading to slight variations in color that may be invisible at first glance, but stick out like sore thumbs when compared to your other products.

When you work with one company over the “patchwork” approach, you stay with that singular company’s suppliers and, thus, achieve consistent results color-wise.

You Build a Relationship With That Company

The athletic padding, wall mural, and window decal industries are filled with upstanding people, but there’s nothing quite like doing business with an old friend. As you continue to work with a single company and get to know one another, you’ll foster a bond over your shared desire to see your facility shine.

You’ll feel supported and have all the resources at your disposal you need, all in one place. What could be better than that?

You Reduce Stress

Face it: shopping around is stressful. You’ve got to vet every company, check out their results, figure out just what you’ll get out of their stadium padding or window stickers, and compare each one to its competition. That’s a lot of research time that you probably don’t have!

When you put your trust in one reliable athletic padding company, on the other hand, you can cut straight to the chase and get exactly what you need, when you need it. When a crazy sports season filled with playoff games and facility prep rolls around, you’ll be thanking yourself.

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