Thank goodness 2020 is over! We can safely leave what was a hectic year for many in the dust now that the dreary months of January and February have passed. Spring has now sprung, it’s the time for new beginnings, and nowhere is this line of thinking more true than when it comes to your athletic facility. Yep, even if yours is state of the art!

If you, your team, and your spectators are enjoying their dream space, now’s the time to ask yourself to improve on perfection. We at spend all day every day trying to do just that, so we know it can be done. But new beginnings are also for facilities that are behind the times, too. There’s nothing quite like a little reenvisioning to bring a sleepy sports stadium back to life.

Read on to learn how to help your sports venue – and your players and profits – shine this year.

Padding, Branding, & More Additions to Your Facility

As your preferred provider of pole padding, stadium padding, outdoor padding and more, we’ve seen firsthand how properly-branded athletic padding can make any facility a limelight hog. (View examples of our work here.)

If you haven’t taken advantage of our safety-enhancing pads and other athletic facility enhancements, there’s no better time than now! By harnessing the power of your image and the visual real estate sports padding provides, you can revolutionize your stadium’s atmosphere for the better. Check out our gym wall padding blog to learn more about the profit-and-adrenaline-boosting link between these two concepts.

To create the best atmosphere you can with your given facility, there are a few other things you should consider...

Ask the Audience

Ask for input from your target group of spectators if you plan on updating. Nothing attracts a crowd more than giving that crowd exactly what they want, but you don’t need to be a psychic to do that! Simply seeking feedback from customers can be enough to make future updates productive in terms of profits. Just be sure to balance the voices of other important facility stakeholders.

Consider Selling Naming Rights

If your vision of an “update” is a completely new facility, consider selling naming rights in a pinch. There’s no way around it: Sports venues are expensive to make from scratch. If your proposed dream facility just lacks funds, you can allow another entity to name it for a price. It’s a common practice that certainly yields dividends.

Practice Your Pitch

Make sure you get your pitch right. No, we’re not talking about baseball here! Any athletic facility upgrade will no doubt need to go through other stakeholders before it’s given the greenlight, so put some solid effort in seeing their perspectives when the time comes to convince them. What specific facility need would your dream update satiate, and how would that benefit each particular stakeholder?

Reap the Full Potential of Your Facility With

With the brand-boosting powers of our sports padding, you’re sure to convince anyone to give updating your facility the go-ahead. Give our Clarion office a call today at 800-257-6405.