As more and more people receive their COVID-19 vaccine, sports venues everywhere are waiting to re-open to full capacity. While these are exciting times, facility officials must take care to minimize the risk that comes with returning to “normal”—and no, we’re not just talking about still remaining Covid-vigilant. Depending on whom a given building serves, you might be dealing with a higher level of potential problems facility-wide than you would in the thick of the pandemic.

Let’s dive into this concept further. Below, we’ll discuss the topic of ‘risk management,’ why more effort towards it might be needed as you re-open, and what you can do as a facility to have all your bases covered in this respect.

Risk Management Basics

Though athletics might involve a high level of mitigatable risk in the physical sense of the word, the topic of risk management isn’t exclusive to sports. It’s often used in a business context, and it refers to the process of identifying problems before they happen so as to control the future of an entity.

For your sports facility, risks can include, but are not limited to

●        The injury of athletes

●        Stolen equipment

●        Premature facility degradation

●        Fan safety at large events

Covid-Specific Concerns for Your Sports Facility

Fully re-opening your facility after Covid is bound to be chaotic. While it’s a return to a “normal” we once operated in, after a year-long break, it can be quite a shock for some people! This opens the door for a variety of risks; athletic injuries, for example, could soar, as athletes must re-learn to practice with more people in the gym. A lack of physical fitness due to Covid-specific restrictions can also mean a higher probability of concussive injury, both in the gym and in the stadium.

Invest in Gym Wall Padding and Stadium Wall Padding to Mitigate Risk

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