Athletic padding is both a practical and aesthetic investment in your facility’s success. By protecting your athletes from injury and being a brand-boosting asset as well, they’ve rendered themselves an irreplaceable part of the stadiums of top national and university teams—and of your league, too, of course.

Because stadium wall pads are so amazing, though, their basic how-tos are sometimes glossed over. Like, for example, how they actually go on the wall in the first place. is here to take you back to the basics with a bit of a brief tutorial below.

Pull out your pencils and let’s dive in!

Installation Methods Vary

There isn’t one “right” way to install a set of outdoor wall padding, though there are plenty of wrong ones! More specifically, what way you choose to put up your new wall pads usually will fall into one of three categories, without one being inherently superior to another.

●        A wood-mount method, wherein sturdy strips of wood are affixed to the wall, then the sports padding is nailed to them

●        Clip method, wherein the wall pads are attached to the wall with specialized clips and bars

●        A concrete-screw method, wherein stadium wall padding is drilled into a concrete wall with screws made for the job

How Should I Install my Gym Wall Padding?

That depends on what you’re looking to get out of the display! Every method has its pros and cons, and the right decision is greatly affected by your personal circumstances.

For example, the clip method tends to lead to a display that’s more movable, and thus may be more suitable for practice gyms and spaces that require versatility. On the other hand, the concrete screw and wood method lead to sturdy setups that stick it out even through the toughest storms—perfect for outdoor stadiums. 

Stick to the Recommendations

The one recommendation we always make when it comes to installation, though, is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions! Though the above three methods cover a wide variety of wall padding installation methods, they don’t account for all of them, and using a product the way it was intended is the best way—sometimes the only way—to get the results it promises. Is Here to Help Your Facility Stand Out

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