It probably comes as no shock that stadium wall pads protect your athletes from on-the-court, fieldside, or in-the-gym injury. Go figure! Why else would you invest in sports venue padding in the first place? To play at their best, your athletes can’t go getting themselves hurt.

While reducing concussive injury is the primary reason that facilities use wall padding, there are plenty of other ways your team will benefit from their presence – some of which might not be so obvious.

Wall Pads Allow Athletes to Get Their Heads in the Game

A successful athlete of any sport is calm, focused, and driven towards a single goal. When a court or field is left unpadded, none of these can occur on game day, no matter how hard a player trains.

●        It’s hard to be calm when you’re hurtling at high speeds towards a potential injury!

●        Athletes in unpadded facilities can’t focus on just the game; They need to focus on not running into things for their own safety.

●        Since preventing concussive injury is a responsibility that falls on athletes in an unpadded facility, it becomes a goal that fights for dominance with that of winning the game.

Facilities with ample sports padding, on the other hand, eliminate the extra mental strain that keeping oneself safe from impact injury creates. While in contact sports, of course, there will always be a risk of such injury, padding means that athletes need to focus on preventing it significantly less than they would otherwise, allowing them to play a calm, focused, and driven game. In other words, to play at their best.

Wall Pads Help With Team Morale

The thrill of hustling out on the court to the roar of the crowd never gets old, but it can definitely be dampened by a dingy athletic facility. Likewise, athletes may love their sport and bring their A game to practice, but it’s hard to maintain that A game if they don’t feel they’re in an environment that’s worthy of it.

Wall pads aren’t just functional. Since they cover such swaths of space, they’re a big part of what sets the ambiance in a given facility, for better or worse. High-quality, custom sports padding is bright, branded, and inspiring to your athletes, while those in disrepair are just sad. There’s no other way to put it. Dress up your facility and watch performance improve.

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