Wall pads offer more than superior protection against concussions and injuries. They also give you an opportunity to display your school’s colors, mascot, or logo. Wall pads are completely customizable, and they provide a large, smooth surface for you to add any type of graphic or lettering.


Below are some tips for designing your wall pads. Our design team can help you through the entire process. To find out more, contact us today.


●       Add Any Combination of School Colors

Sometimes the simplest designs make the grandest statements. School colors give your pad surface a clean look and can provide a great background for your athletic field or gym. You can create cool patterns or just choose one solid tone. No matter what you choose, we can enhance your colors and make them stand out. The result will be a brilliant finish that won’t fade in the sunlight or wear from the outside elements.


●       Designate Certain Areas of Your Facility to Design

You may want to highlight a certain area of your athletic complex. Whether it’s the back wall of the softball field, the volleyball posts, or the bleacher, Fieldwallpads.com can take the measurements, create the custom padding, and design it to your exact specifications. Instead of a drab, boring surface, you can add some life to your gym or field just by adding a design to the padding. We can have your order ready before the season begins!


●       Add Huge Letters

Make a statement that truly stands out by adding big, bold lettering to your field or gym pads. You may want to go with traditional Greek lettering like many other colleges and universities, or you can go with a more personalized font. If we don’t have the font you’re looking for, we can download it to our printing system. You may want to spell out the name of your school or your mascot. You can also trim it down to just the initials—whatever works best for you.


●       Show Off Your Mascot

Few school emblems are as unifying as a school mascot. It’s an instantly recognizable symbol that invokes school enthusiasm. The best thing about the mascot is that you can print and place it anywhere. You can show it off across a wall or throughout the bleachers. You can even choose multiple mascot graphics, and we can position them however you want. Your faculty, students, and fans will love it!


●       Share Your Social Media

Field or gym wall pads also present opportunities to promote your school online and build your following or strengthen your brand. You can add your website or your social media pages, such as Twitter or Facebook. People who see it will know where to find your pages. It’s a great way to boost your online network.

Custom Wall Pads for Your College or University

Fieldwallpads.com is the leader in sports protective padding. We are dedicated to providing the best padding products in the industry to keep your athletes safe. We offer complete custom wall padding that works in any sports setting.


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