Safety is the most crucial element of athletic competition. Coaches, sports complex managers, and school administrators all have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for all athletes in sports such as basketball, volleyball, football, and baseball. With the newer padding, you can avoid injuries that students often sustain during a game or practice. offers brand new, impact-resistance wall pads that you can install on walls, fences, bleachers, and other areas where an injury is possible. To find out more about products contact us today.

How to Tell if Your Padding is No Longer Effective

The quality of the padding in your field or gym depends on several factors:


●        The age of the material: Even the most durable, well-built wall pads will eventually wear out. If your wall pads are five to ten years old, you may want to assess their condition. You may need to replace the old pads with new wall pads that are more durable and built better than the old pads.

●        The environment: The outside elements such as wind, rain, sunlight, and extreme hot and cold temperatures can wear down the materials on a wall pad over time. The older the material, the more effective the elements have on the pad. If your campus is located in an area where extreme hot or cold temperatures are a factor, it may be affecting the cushion or out layer of the pads.

●        The intensity of the sport: In some sports, wall impact occurs often. The more impact a wall pad sustains, the more it will wear. Changing the pads is vital if they’re experiencing impact from player frequently.

●        Improper Installation: You may have purchased old pads in the past. If the pads were not correctly installed or safe enough for impact, you may need an upgrade. College athletes will often slam into a wall with a more significant impact than high school athletes. Therefore, you need substantial reinforcement to absorb the shock.

Upgrades Are Worth the Investment

While upgrading your wall pads may eat into your budget, they are well worth the investment. When you consider the high cost of concussions, broken bones, sprained ankles, or other severe injuries, protecting your athletes should be a priority in your school’s athletic budget.


Purchasing field wall pads for a field or gym demonstrates genuine care for every player on the team. When students and their families know that you care for them, they can concentrate on the game instead of worrying about their safety at each practice or competition. You can also avoid a lawsuit from players and families that could cost your program thousands of dollars and tarnish your school’s reputation. Simply put, wall pads are a smart investment. can design your wall pads according to your sports complex design specifications. We can also logos and other designs on the pads to enhance the facility’s aesthetic value. You will notice a remarkable difference in the shock absorption of your old pads and the newly installed pads.

Field Wall Pad Installation for Colleges and Universities

If you are ready to upgrade to new wall pads for your gym or field, then contact We offer a wide range of athletic padding for outside and inside walls and fences in college athletic facilities.


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