Concussions and other injuries can occur at any time during a basketball game. When players hit a wall at high speeds, accidents happen that can lead to potentially serious injuries.


Wall pads prevent injuries by absorbing the shock that a player feels when colliding against the hard wall surface. As a coach or athletic facility manager, keeping your basketball players safe during the season is your top priority.

Basketball Gym Wall-Related Injuries

Although concussions are among the worst injuries that a basketball player can sustain, a wall impact can cause multiple injuries in various parts of the body. 


●        Traumatic brain injury: In a traumatic brain injury, the brain detaches from the inner skull even if the skull does not fracture.

●        Spinal & joint injury: Competitors rarely experience a full-frontal impact when hitting a wall. Therefore, they are likely to injure their arm or leg joints. If they contact the wall from the back, they can severely damage their spine.

●        Sprain ankles: If the foot is the first body part to hit the wall, a sprain is likely to occur. If the athlete tries to lessen the impact by extending their arms or hands, he or she can sprain their fingers, wrists, or other areas of the arm.

●        Neck injury: Most neck injuries happen in the form of whiplash. The impact is intense enough to jerk the neck or spine. The spinal ligaments, tendons or muscles can overextend and lead to tissue damage.


Many of these injuries can be prevented with a pad that is soft enough to absorb the impact and resilient enough to eliminate any contact with the hard wall.

Assessing Your Basketball Gym

Before you install wall pads along the gym walls, you first need to evaluate, where your players, spectators, or other participants are most likely to sustain an injury. At, we can customize your wall pads according to your gym’s layout and your wall design. Regardless of what the wall is made of, the pads will provide a protective buffer to protect anyone who runs into the surface.


In addition to the walls, you may also want to evaluate where the players are most likely to get injured. For instance, what type of protection do you have along the edge of the bleachers or the coaches’ table? Athletes may receive multiple blows to the body if they run into a bleacher at high speed. Offers Gym Protection

If you are looking for a way to protect your basketball players from injury this season, then contact us today. We offer customizable pads that prevent serious injuries from happening to college athletes.


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