If your league or school has a brand, you no doubt have an established color scheme. You use this to ensure unity across merch and decor and provide the same exciting ambiance across fan experiences.

That’s all fine and dandy—but when it comes to decorating your stadium with new padding, what color should that padding be? You’ve only got a couple options, as per your style guide, but choosing between them can feel like the biggest decision in your facility’s history. They’ll be all over the inner walls, after all; a wrong choice can mean an ugly stain that’s pricey to remove.

But don’t fret! Fieldwallpads.com is here with a few tips on how to make sure your new athletic padding is, color-wise, everything you hoped for and more.

Consider Your Darkest Hue If Text Plays a Role in the Final Design

Light text on a dark background, generally speaking, tends to be easier to read than the reverse. There’s a reason news anchors have their scripts formatted likewise on their teleprompters!

Of course, you want your fans to be able to read your team’s name from the stands, so it benefits you to make things as intelligible as possible. In other words, to make your sports venue padding a darker hue and your logo text primarily lighter.

Of course, light-on-dark isn’t a hard-and-fast rule. Plenty of designs have been successful in breaking this guideline. It is, however, a safe bet for facilities with seating far back from the action.

Consider Color Psychology

If text is absent from your design, you have a little more leeway on your stadium padding colors, but that doesn’t mean you’ve got no decision-making structure. Colors have different effects on the mind, and you should always consider them to create the effects you want on your facility’s occupants.

For example:

●        Red is associated with vigor and determination and could be used in spaces that lend themselves to pushing limits.

●        Blue is associated with concentration and could be used in spaces that foster calm and focused action.

●        Soft yellow shades are associated with energy and could be used in spaces that promote a little pep in the step.

Of course, you should always stick with the colors your brand has established for your outdoor wall padding and gym pads; we’re simply saying that considering what feelings those colors promote and choose your wall pad colors accordingly.

Fieldwallpads.com: Your Source for a Rainbow of Wall Padding Colors

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