For both contact sports and non-contact sports, athletic padding is essential. Sports venue padding keeps athletes safe on the court, whether their sport involves full-on collisions or not, and as such they also help organizers everywhere avoid costly lawsuits. However, as important as sports padding is for safety’s sake, it also serves a very important secondary purpose: building a brand.

Your brand as a venue, college, or the like is the image you put forth – the one that sticks in spectators’ and athletes’ heads after they leave the stadium, the one that makes them excited to come back and spend more time with your organization. It’s a big money-maker for not just sporting arenas and places of higher education, but also for countless commercial businesses, such as retail stores and fast food chains.

Why else do you think that branding is such a big buzzword in marketing these days?

But back to your stadium padding. If you aren’t customizing your stadium padding to reflect your brand with a company like, you’re missing out on a huge income generator and on moving your venue up in the world of sports. Here’s why.

Branding Makes Your Venue Memorable

What would you remember more: a brightly-lit, yet faceless sea of blue athletic pads, or a color-coded stadium full of mascot images and sponsors? No doubt the latter would feel more grand to spectators and athletes alike.

When you customize your athletic padding to match your reputation-boosting brand, you’re shoring up that brand’s memorability, which thus increases the memorability of your venue as a whole. A stadium people remember positively is one that they want to purchase tickets to return to and athletes want to perform at!

Branding Positively Boosts Your Reputation When Done Right

Your venue exists as a place for athletes to push their limits and for spectators to witness adrenaline-pumping sports – both very good things!

By branding your wall pads loudly and proudly, you create a sort of shorthand by which you can use to remind people of those good times. Your merch sales with branded athletic pads can soar, and other marketing campaigns might also become more effective as you work to further integrate your brand into your stadium.

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