Are your athletic facility’s wall pads getting old? If so, it may be time to replace your old wall pads with newer, sturdier wall pads that have a more vibrant, updated design. If you need newer wall pads, can help you custom order and deliver your new wall pads just in time for the upcoming season.

How to Tell If Your Padding is Getting Old

Like anything else in your athletic gym or field, the wall padding will wear out over time. You may notice tears or rips in the fabric, as well as less resiliency in the padding on impact.


As you inspect your wall padding, look for these signs of a worn out product that you may need to replace:

●      Overall Appearance

The first thing you want to do is make a general assessment in the padding. Step back and look at the padding from a distance. Does it give you the impression it’s worn out from top to bottom and side to side? Does it look like it’s had its share of abuse? If so, that may be an indicator you should invest in new padding.


While safety is the most important issue with wall padding, you also want to make sure the padding complements your gym or field design. New padding can give everyone the impression that you take great care for your facilities and pride in your sports program.

●      Corners, Beams, and Columns

Padding in the corners, beams, and the columns is vulnerable to damage simply because of its location. As you inspect the padding along the wall, railing, or volleyball post, pay extra attention to these critical areas. It is easy for tiny bits of padding to escape through these areas.


If you catch some of the damage in these areas while it’s minimal, you may be able to repair it without replacing the pad. This depends on the overall condition of the product. If tears in the corners, beams, or columns are part of a larger problem, then replacement may be necessary.

●      Thickness and Resiliency

Part of the selling point of field wall pads is their ability to bounce right back into shape after an impact. This is due to foam inside of the padding. The foam is designed to retain its original dimensions after an impact.


As you assess your padding, look at the overall shape. Does some of it seem to be slightly off? If so, this is an indicator the padding is no longer resilient and that it is worn out. The only solution for this is to purchase new, long-lasting wall padding you can rely on to reform after an impact. Offers Wall Padding Design can help your college or professional team establish your brand through our amazing wall padding products. To find out more about our products or schedule a consultation, call us at 800-257-6406. You can also message us on our contact page.