The underlying premise upon which gyms, fields, or other facilities are designed should be to protect the welfare of athletes and ensure they are not exposed to physical risk in any aspect of execution. Thus, athletic facility planners and school administrators have a tremendous responsibility to keep athletes safe from harm and injury during a sporting event or practice. When building a sports complex, all parties involved should consider every inch of the facility and where the risk of injury may be present.


Field Wall Pads plays a central role in mitigating the risk of injuries to athletes. Our wall pads prevent concussions, broken bones, or other injuries caused by competitors running into walls. To find out more about our safety-enhanced wall pads, contact us today.

Where are the Key Safety Issues in Athletic Facilities?

To minimize the risk of energy, facility planners should consider the following items when designing an athletic complex.


Injury can occur when an athlete slams into a wall or fence regardless of what it is made of. Whether it’s a concrete wall or chain link fence, a competitor can sustain a head trauma, pulled muscle, or a broken bone when they collide with a wall.


A viable and affordable solution to impact injuries is to install padding along the wall or fence. Wall pads absorb impact and keep the player from making contact with the wall surface. Therefore, they are less likely to get hurt when falling or running into a wall.

Athletic Equipment

Heavy athletic can also cause injury to athletes in certain sports. Some examples of dangerous sports equipment would be volleyball end poles, soccer net frames, or football end-zone posts. In some instances, Basketball backboards can also present a physical threat to players.


Athletic facility managers can cover athletic equipment with padding to avoid injuries to athletes. Padding around a volleyball end pole can keep players from slamming into the metal when diving for the ball. Padding will often cause the player to ‘bounce’ off the pole rather than hitting it head-on.


In some colleges, bleachers are shoved against the wall in vertical alignment when they’re not being used during basketball or volleyball games. If left unshielded, bleachers can cause serious injury to athletes.


Custom pads will protect your students, athletes, or spectators from colliding with dangerously sharp edges, hard metal bars, or exposed seating. The padding can be installed on the front of each row of bleachers without disrupting movement when the bleachers are pulled out or pushed back against the wall.


Most sports injuries occur when athletes fall on the floor. Some sports such as gymnastics and wrestling require standard padding to be placed on the floor due to the high level of impact.


Floor padding offers shock absorption, protection, and durability better traction, and reduced crowd noise. It protects the athletes from injury and the floor from damage. Floor padding can be placed anywhere on the surface and used in a wide range of sports.

Athletic Padding for Your Sports Complex

If you are looking for a wall, bleacher, or floor padding for your sports facility, contact Field Wall Pads. We offer a wide selection of custom padding that can suit your facility. We install the padding according to industry standards and minimize the risk of injury to your athletes.


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