TD AMERITRADE Park Omaha will be the supreme objective for college baseball players who long for a chance to compete for college baseball’s national championship. A $128 million stadium will be completed in spring 2011 and will be the new home to the NCAA Men’s College World Series. Patrick Conlon, President of Field Wall Pads also had his dreams of outfitting the new College World Series.Field Wall Pads specializes in safety and image products for stadiums, fields, and arenas. TD Ameritrade Park has relied on Field Wall Pads to create a safe stadium for the 24,000 fans and athletes that will be enjoying this new stadium. “We were thrilled for the opportunity to serve and be a part of this new stadium; the vision of this stadium alone has been so inspiring to our entire team. We are excited to be creating and designing custom wall padding and rail padding that will be used for the next 25 years in the Men’s College World Series. This place will no doubt be an architectural icon.”