You’ve done the research. You know top-quality athletic padding is essential to your sports program’s prolonged health and the current health of your athletes. Now you’re on the lookout for a vendor of such products – and not just any vendor will do.

Your vendor of stadium wall padding must be vibrant and attentive, with the energy to match the grand visions you have for your sports program. They also must provide only the most high-end stadium padding around, even for a non-contact sport like softball. You know you can never be too careful when the safety of your hard working players is on the line!

Spotting Quality Isn’t Always Easy

Though you might know what you’re looking for, in this industry, it’s sometimes hard to find it. To the untrained eye, many kinds of sports padding look exactly the same as far as shape and construction go.

When presented with a photographic portfolio of a given company’s work, the end results may thus look indistinguishable from another’s (aside from logos and the like, of course). How can you spot a sports venue padding company that will stand out above the rest?

Three Signs of a Great Athletic Padding Company

As you probably have already gathered, a great stadium padding business goes above and beyond. But what does that mean in this context?

Above and beyond can indeed denote many things, but to us at, it means providing more than just athletic padding. It means a partnership and a genuine investment in your team’s safety.

We believe a great stadium wall padding company demonstrates...


How: By supplying attractive, well-made products.

Take a look at the colors and the designs used by the company. Do they inspire you? Do they energize you? This is a sign that the company’s in-house design team is top-notch – you’re getting excited about another team!


How: By providing fantastic customer service.

Does the sports padding company you have in mind describe its process anywhere? How intricate is that process? Is there a consultation involved?

Great wall padding companies aren’t hesitant to show you that they spare no effort when it comes to truly understanding your needs and what will keep your athletes safe.


How: By understanding athletic padding customers and their needs.

A quality company, of course, has an understanding of its products and what makes them the best around. For an example, check out the athletic padding blog and our entry on why we use polyurethane foam.

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