We’ve Got Spirit; Yes We Do.We’ve Got Spirit; How About You?What is school spirit?Do you know it when you see it?Why do some high schools and universities do such a great job of showing their school pride; while others don’t even give it the ole college try?Just for fun, take this short quiz. School spirit is clear when . . .You walk into a college gymnasium and see:

  1. Bare painted walls.
  2. Wall pads and custom banners from SportsGraphics


You enter a high school building and see:

  1. Bare painted walls.
  2. Wall graphics and logos from SportsGraphics.


You pass a collegiate sporting field or stadium and see:

  1. Bare metal fences.
  2. Customized windscreens and banners from SportsGraphics.


If you chose answer B above, you DO have a keen grasp of school spirit. But seriously, there’s a big difference between unadorned spaces and areas that proudly display a school’s name, logo, mission, and mascot. Let’s focus on university campuses.Colleges have long known about the importance of branding. Walk into any university bookstore and you’re greeted with branded sweatshirts, t-shirts, shorts, jerseys, ball caps, scarves, and socks, just to name a few. Once students and alumni purchase these items, they become walking and talking brand ambassadors; billboards on two legs.When you visit a new college campus, you may notice customized banners, collegiate art, statues of college mascots, and stadiums outfitted in university colors and logos. These bright and vibrant displays reinforce a sense of university pride and cohesion.Venture into the nearby college town and take note of how many businesses prominently show their connection to the college. When community leaders and companies support the local university, it strengthens the bond between the “townies” and the students and professors.People choose colleges for many reasons. In addition to strong academics, collegiate sports are often a strong draw for recruiting students. There’s a certain rush you feel when you enter a college gym or stadium bedecked in school colors.SportsGraphics provides that “wow” experience for our many loyal university customers. For nearly 30 years, we have custom designed and installed wall pads, banners, and wall graphics in—among many areas—university gymnasiums, arenas, stadiums, and wrestling rooms.While our beautiful custom products boost school spirit, they also help protect students and athletes. In fact, our wall padding is so tough and rugged, it’s used by the WWE. SportsGraphics conducted independent safety research and found that our 3” foam wall pads provide superior protection. We’re proud of our quality-made products, all made under one roof in Clarion, Iowa.SportsGraphics enjoys transforming schools. We’ll listen to your needs, custom design just the right look and feel, and deliver and install your new pads, banners, mats, windscreens, and graphics. We look forward to working with you to take your school spirit to the next level.