Though our wrestling mats are designed to last for several years, they will inevitably wear out in time. Wrestling is one of the most physically demanding sports out there, and it takes a toll on both the equipment of the wrestlers, as well the equipment of the schools themselves. At, we and our sister company, SportsGraphics, create state-of-the-art wrestling pads with detailed designs for programs across the country. Our light-weight mats are designed to have state-of-the-art safety qualities, and they are designed to be easy to set up, tear down, clean, and more. Despite this, accidents do happen, and harsh collisions are a frequent part of the sport that can inadvertently lead to damage, which needs to be repaired immediately. If they are not repaired, your athletes can be injured. Here, our safety and design experts will discuss what to look for when it comes to wrestling mat damage.

Signs You Need a Replacement

Though there are several different signs that can signify you need new wrestling mats, there are a few that are more prevalent than others. Some of these signs include:

Divets or Holes in the Mats | One of the most telling signs of damage to wrestling mats are holes, divets, or gouges in the mats themselves. Though this shouldn’t happen, freak collisions and harsh takedowns could somehow damage the mats in this way. These signs are obvious to the naked eye and should be taken care of immediately. Without full mat protection between them and the floor, wrestlers have a higher chance of being injured during their matches. Additionally, if the mats are not properly cleaned, different bacterias can seep into the mat through these damaged areas, which puts everyone who comes in contact with the mat at risk. 

Outdated Mats | Another sign you need to replace your mats is if they are severely outdated. Today’s regulations mandate that there needs to be at least five feet of space around the circle where competition can take place. If you have old mats that don’t meet this standard, you need to replace them immediately. This regulation adds a level of protection if the wrestlers were to go out of the circle during their match. They have a lesser chance of hitting the hard gym floor without protection with the extra five feet of the mat.

Bacteria Growth | If you do not properly clean your mats or store them, you are putting them at risk of bacteria manifesting in the fibers of the mat, which creates a health risk for everyone who comes into contact with them. You need to make sure you and your athletes are following the strict measures that determine mat cleanliness so everyone can stay healthy. If bacteria does impact your mat, you need to invest in a new one immediately.

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