If you are coaching or operating a high school or college level wrestling program, it’s your responsibility to ensure your program’s wall mats and wrestling mats are in prime condition for the season. If your wall pads and wrestling mats are even the slightest bit damaged, it enhances the risk of your athletes suffering from an injury.

At Fieldwallpads.com, our safety experts will help you find the perfect mats for your needs. Before every new season starts, it is crucial that you thoroughly inspect your safety materials to ensure they meet the necessary standards, as well as your own safety standards. Here, our experts at Fieldwallpads.com will discuss how to ensure your wrestling mats and wall pads are safe for the season.

Inspect For Damage

Before and after each wrestling season, it’s critical you inspect your school’s wrestling mats to ensure they meet the necessary safety standards set in place. Wrestling is obviously a high-contact sport that requires strict safety standards because of the high collision rate. While wrestling mats are designed to last for several years, it’s still crucial to inspect them for any divots or other blemishes. If the mat has any weak spots, it could increase the chance of one of your athletes being injured. 

Check For Thickness

Over time, wrestling mats and wall padding alike are going to get worn down and lose the thickness that is crucial to preventing injuries. Before, during, and after every wrestling season, you need to constantly check to ensure the thickness of your pads and mats meets the necessary safety standards. These standards are rigorously enforced, so you need to ensure your facility meets them.

At Fieldwallpads.com, we conduct our own independent research to find the safest materials and foam widths. Governing bodies for wrestling programs closely monitor the mats to ensure the athletes have a reduced chance of being injured. Typically, it’s recommended that the mats be over two inches in thickness, but not more than four. Otherwise, the shock absorbency and other safety features are thrown off.

Clean and Disinfect Them

Another crucial step to ensuring your mats are season ready is to make sure they have been adequately cleaned and disinfected appropriately. Places like gyms, schools and health clubs are typically used by individuals who are sweating, which can spread germs all over the mats. In most cases, the mats will end up stinky, wet, and dirty after a wrestling meet, so here are a few recommendations.

●        Layout the mats in a clean area and ensure all the wrinkles and folds are removed. This is going to help make the space easier to clean.

●        Remove any excess air, dust, dirt, or other particles built up on the surface using a soft-bristled brush or push broom.

●        Spray disinfectant on the area, using chemicals like rubbing alcohol or peroxide will all work sufficiently at a ratio of 2:1. Leave this mixture on the mat for15 seconds, then remove it with paper towels.

●        Dry the mats thoroughly, turn them over and repeat on the other side. It is then recommended to place them in an upright position because this can help any disinfectant or excess water to roll off the mats and onto the floor.

Follow Safety Standards

The rules state that there should be at least five feet of space across a circle where the match can take place and the mat needs to be 38’ x 38’ for high school regulation. So, if your mat is outdated and doesn't meet the standards, it must be replaced.

Storage Considerations

If the mat has been rolled up in storage and you are in colder temperatures, you want to wait to lay them out until they have warmed up or at least 70 degrees for 24 hours. Unrolling it while it is cold can permanently damage the coating and foam, resulting in cracking.

Research For New Safety Standards

As never-ending research continues, the safety standards and materials used in both wrestling pads and wall pads change, as does the recommended thickness. As these things change, it’s crucial to do your research. Unless something drastic happens, it’s not necessary to upgrade the mats and padding every single year. However, it is important you do your own independent research and consult with experts to ensure you’re doing what you can to keep your athletes and fans safe and happy.

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