Imagine a concrete block room painted top to bottom in gray, a room filled with rusty lockers and dilapidated benches. No, it’s not a prison cell or a torture chamber. It’s just your average locker room. Unless you’re the visiting team . . . then your locker room may be painted pink!


Don’t neglect your home locker room. Don’t allow your school or team locker room to look like a dungeon. Spruce it up with customized wall padding, banners, and wall graphics from Field Wall Pads.


Locker rooms are important for team morale. After all, they’re where coaches gather their players to prep and pray before games, to make game adjustments at halftime, and to console or celebrate after games are done or won. They shouldn’t be stark, cold, heartless places.


Use your school colors, mascot, or inspirational quotes on locker padding and banners. Add your team sponsors and businesses to wall graphics. Just tell the experts at what you’d like and we’ll design and manufacture your product.


Our indoor padding—constructed from 3″ high impact foam—will add personality and vibrancy to dull locker room walls. You can also use the padding to cover pillars, posts, and lockers in the room. Field Wall Pads will add the exact graphics and wording you specify on the vinyl surface.


Consider hanging banners from the locker room ceiling and near exits and entrances. Just think of Notre Dame’s “Play Like A Champion Today” motto. All players touch that sign on their way out of the locker room. What quotes and sayings inspire your team? Talk with us about designing banners that will fire up your athletes.


Wall graphics are another way to add pizzazz to your deadly dull locker room. We use a digitally printed graphic film that can be applied to any surface, including concrete block, brick, industrial stucco and tile. We’ll install the film so that it appears as if you painted the graphic directly on the wall.


You’ll love working with our creative team of designers. We can use an existing design or something brand spanking new. At, all our design and print work is done in-house, under the same roof where we manufacture your products.


For more than 27 years, Field Wall Pads has provided fair and honest pricing to all our customers. We also offer quick turnaround time for quotes and offer unlimited art proof designs. Call us today to discuss all the ways to turn your dingy, depressing locker room into a bright, cheerful place. Go team!