You know that athletic padding is not something to be taken lightly. You’ve read our stadium padding blog, after all. Plus, you know that the health and safety of your athletes is paramount. The promising young people who play for your team deserve it.

However, the importance of sports padding does bring up the question of if there’s such a thing as too much of it. Of course, using multiple pieces of goal post padding on a single post, if they’re quality products, is a bit redundant.

But do you really need to pad the courts of no-contact sports like volleyball? It’s not like the concussive injury is relatively high compared to football and the like., a nationwide provider of wall padding, is here with the answer: no.

There’s no such thing as too much sports wall padding.

Let’s discuss exactly why.

You Can Never Have Too Much Safety

Asking if you can have too many wall pads is like asking if you can ever be too safe, and as anyone in the world of athletics will tell you, that’s an impossibility!

Accidents can and do happen even if contact isn’t necessary for a given sport. Even though innocuous items like volleyball nets are partially constructed from metal, those accidents aren’t pretty. Invest in quality wall pads and keep athletes of all disciplines healthy and ready to play another day.

Of course, protection is only part of what wall pads do for your facility. They’ve got plenty of other benefits too, which are those that are impossible to get enough of.

Boost Team Performance

When an athlete is out with an injury, it affects the entire team; your athletes must learn to compensate for an absent teammate’s role and unique play style, which no doubt means that they’re not functioning at their best until they do so.

Invest in your team’s stable performance with wall pads to prevent such injuries from happening in the first place!

Amplify Your Brand

Whether you're a college or professional-level team, branding is an important part of your advertising scheme. It offers consistency with the designs, colors, and sizes you need to ensure it connects with fans and visitors alike.

Branding your wall padding can relay your values and your team culture, and if you have any statements, these can all be conveyed through customizations. We offer results you will love!

Add Protection to Your Walls

Aside from protecting your athletes, the padding is also beneficial to keeping the walls safer. Imagine multiple projectiles flying across the room, and if they come in contact with a sheetrock wall, most likely it's going to take damage.

Professional wall padding can help reduce the risk of needing an unexpected repair, saving you time and money!

Stay Within Regulations

Depending on your stadium, local regulations might require padding to help ensure more protection for the players, reducing the risk of injury.

From professional to high school, we offer exceptional and customizable padding to ensure you meet any regulations required for your area.

Give Sponsors a Shout Out

Demonstrate your appreciation for the companies you’ve received funding from with sports padding that shows them off.

Their vivid logos will add to the ambiance of your stadium, too, which is something that can never be overdone.

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