Wall Padding Company Creates Amazing Resource to Help Schools

The hours add up. Teachers and students spend 6-8 hours each day in school. That’s between 30 and 40 hours each week, just like a regular 40-hour workweek. With so much time spent in a building, it’s critical that the surroundings are safe, functional, and bright. But not many school districts can afford expensive renovations […]

6 Softball Field Maintenance Tips To Save Time and Money

Softball Field Padding & Maintenance Safety Tips As Field of Dreams had it, “If you build it, they will come.” While anyone can build a softball field, most people don’t realize it takes a lot of work and organization to maintain that field. From soil composition, softball field padding, to base paths to dragging patterns […]

Locker Room Wall Padding and Graphics

Imagine a concrete block room painted top to bottom in gray, a room filled with rusty lockers and dilapidated benches. No, it’s not a prison cell or a torture chamber. It’s just your average locker room. Unless you’re the visiting team . . . then your locker room may be painted pink! Don’t neglect your […]

5 Often Overlooked Football Field Maintenance Tips

Leaves are changing color, there’s a nip in the air, and Starbucks just rolled out their pumpkin lattes. It’s officially football season. Soon players will don their shoulder pads, cleats and helmets and rush out to roaring crowds. Whether you maintain a high school, college or NFL football field, there are six ways you can […]

Don’t Get Sidelined by Poor Field Maintenance

The stage is the focal point of every theater production, but it’s often what happens in the wings that makes or breaks the performance. The same can be said of a football field. While every spectator watches the play on the gridiron, plenty of action is taking place off the field, on the sidelines. While […]

5 School Sports Branding Ideas that Turn Campus Visits into Enrolled Students

We’ve Got Spirit; Yes We Do. We’ve Got Spirit; How About You? What is school spirit? Do you know it when you see it? Why do some high schools and universities do such a great job of showing their school pride; while others don’t even give it the ole college try? Just for fun, take […]


Wall padding should prevent concussions, not cause them. A concussion is a traumatic injury to the brain that can alter the way your brain functions, according to the Mayo Clinic.  For athletes who play contact sports concussions are far too common and having protective wall padding is absolutely necessary to preventing them. The Journal of […]

Is Your Baseball Field Backstop Padding In Compliance With NCAA?

        NCAA Backstop Padding Compliance for Safety More than 10,500 sports-related concussions (SPC’s) occur each year in the NCAA. A concussion is a traumatic injury to the brain that alters the way your brain functions. An SPC follows a blow to the head and may be accompanied by a temporary loss of […]

TD AMERITRADE Park Omaha New home to the NCAA Men’s College World Series

TD AMERITRADE Park Omaha will be the supreme objective for college baseball players who long for a chance to compete for college baseball’s national championship. A $128 million stadium will be completed in spring 2011 and will be the new home to the NCAA Men’s College World Series. Patrick Conlon, President of Field Wall Pads […]