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We have been making the highest quality outfield wall pads and backstop wall pads for the best price since our incorporation. That’s our philosophy, no matter how simple or complex your needs may be. If your project requires custom configuration, additional fastening strength, or an innovative product design, our experienced team of engineers can help you design it. Once finalized, we’ll make the padding system in our factory to your specifications, ready to be installed at the job site. In our portfolio you will find a range of great looking high school field wall pads to even professional football stadium wall padding we have done.

Everything you need under one roof.

Our entire system of wall padding, fence, custom specialty padding, backstop padding, design and print work is manufactured under one roof in a quality-controlled environment, a unique benefit in the wall padding industry. And, our precision fabrication expertise means that you and your clients are assured superior watertight, protective padding for years to come.


“You did a great job. I loved working with your company and won’t use
anyone else, ever.” — John Knetzer, St. Louis Rams Facility Mgr.