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Dugout Rail Pads

Softball Dugout Rail Pads

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Softball Wood-Backed Dugout Rail Pads
TCU's Dugout Rail Pads by Field Wall Pads

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Change your message and look for special events or change in sponsors!

Dugout Rail Pads Skins

Whether hosting an event, adding a sponsor, changing logos or sharing a field, make changing the digital print on your dugout rails a breeze with Field Wall pads by SportsGraphics. Our exclusive Velcro and premium wood-backed pad design makes it quick and easy to change the message on your top rails.

Truly enjoy all of the digital print options and freedom you gain with our removable skin covers. It only takes minutes to attach and remove.

Also, preserve and prolong the life of your investment…ask us about affordable protective top rail covers for the offseason.

Dugout Rail Pads Skins

Protect your investment with the easy on…easy off dugout protective covers. One piece design…no strings, ropes, zip ties, bungee cords required. Just center and line up the Velcro strip on the cover to the Velcro strip on the back of the dugout rail pads to attach. Drape over, pull out all wrinkles…tuck/fold the excess vinyl at each end…cinch the loop and buckle straps down and you are finished. Not only will it protect the pads but your netting too! Offered only in green and gray vinyl covers.