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Backstop Padding

We carry the safest and most durable backstop padding on the market! When it comes to backstop padding, safety of your athletes is our top priority. Every backstop pad is made of 3” high impact foam which safeguards the athletes. Aside from providing a superior safety product, we’re also helping to make your field more attractive! Our printing capabilities are second to none, and are the finest you’ll find on the market today. Let opponents know whose house they’re in by plastering your logo on the backstop, or even generate revenue by opening up the space for sponsorship opportunities. Our backstop pads can be retrofitted to any existing concrete wall or chain link fence.

Renovating your backstop pads on your field or stadium is a large investment and you want to make sure you pay for something that is going to look great, last long, and most importantly protect your athletes. So if you are in the buying process or thinking about changing out those old ragged looking backstop pads on your current field, check out our Ultimate Guide to Backstop Padding so you can make the best purchasing decision!

The best materials, quality craftsmanship and professional installation make FieldWallPads.com the best choice for your backstop padding needs.

  • 3/4″ sealed exterior plywood
  • 3″ high-impact foam
  • 18.5oz. vinyl with stainless steel staples
  • UV, water and mildew resistant vinyl
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What to Look for when Buying Backstop Padding

Merriam-Webster defines a backstop (noun) as a fence or screen that is placed behind the catcher to prevent the ball from rolling away. Backstop padding covers the fence to protect the structure and players. Padding affects the look and feel of your diamond. And since most of the attention is focused on home plate, it’s important that it’s an aesthetically pleasing space.

Take a good look at your current backstop padding and outfield padding. Do you remember when it was installed? Has the color faded? Is the material ripped or torn? How thick is the backstop padding? Does it look plain and drab?

If your baseball field and outfield backstop padding is old, faded, damaged and unsafe, thin, and/or boring, it’s high time to consider new, brighter, and safer padding.

Field Wall Pads knows a thing or two about padding. In fact, we’ve been manufacturing state-of-the-art customized and protective backstop padding for nearly 30 years. High school, college, and pro teams trust us to beautify and safeguard their baseball diamonds. Our superior wall padding products are constructed of 3” high-impact foam.

From the baseball diamonds of small high schools to colleges like Penn State and Kansas University to Mile High Stadium, we treat all our customers the same. Our wall padding products are both beautiful and safe. Our wall padding is so thick that we’re now the official wall padding provider for the WWE. If they count on us to protect their superstars, so can you.

You’ll enjoy working with Field Wall Pads on any new project. We have an “anything is possible” motto and we always offer fair pricing and quick turnaround times on our backstop pads. And because we design and manufacture all our products under one roof, we’re always accountable and precise.

We begin by listening to your needs. How do you want your final backstop wall padding product to look? Do you wish to include team or school logos or mascots, advertiser or sponsor names, and/or to incorporate special team colors? What other specifications do you require?

Our design team will get right to work and send you unlimited art proof designs until you’re completely satisfied. Take a look at our portfolio to see the variety and quality of our final products. Durable, UV curable inks let us print your artwork directly onto the vinyl fabric. The end result is a dazzling image that won’t peel or tear like a decal. At Field Wall Pads, we can use an existing design or create a completely new look.

Because your backstop padding will have to withstand a wide gamut of conditions and weather, we build all our wall padding to last. We use 18.5-ounce vinyl that is UV, water and mildew resistant. What could be easier for maintenance? Though it’s easy to install, we’ll even install your backstop padding if you’d like us to do so.

Most importantly, since player safety is your top priority, you’ll appreciate that all our backstop and outfield padding products are constructed of 3” high-impact foam. Our studies have shown this extra plush padding provides much better protection and lessens the risk of concussions and injuries.

Take another look at your backstop and outfield padding. Imagine how much better it could be. Get ready to improve the look of your baseball field, boost team spirit and beautify the entire space.

Contact Field Wall Pads to discuss design, price, timeline, and padding options. Or, if it’s more convenient for you, request a quote by completing our quick and easy online form. We look forward to working with you.

Now that you’ve read our backstop padding buyer’s guide, we hope you understand both the safety and aesthetic importance of backstop padding. As you begin the shopping process, here are some questions you might ask us:

  1. What spaces on the field should I cover to best protect my players?
  2. How can I beautify other areas of my diamond? (Windscreens, dugout padding, etc.)
  3. What can you do to customize the look and feel of my backstop products?
  4. Can you tell me about products I might use to improve the look of my locker room?
  5. How long will my padding order take from start to finish?
  6. Can you install the Field Wall Pads?
  7. Do you offer a warranty for your products?
  8. What’s the best way to maintain and preserve your padding?
  9. Can you describe some unique ways other schools have used your products?
  10. What can I tell my players and families about the added safety of your padding?

The experienced professionals at Field Wall Pads have heard every question under the sun. We’re here to help, here to protect your players, and here to make sure your backstop looks the best it can possibly look.