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Wall Padding

Wall Padding

Protect your athletes on the field or in the gym with wall padding from Fieldwallpads.com. We offer industry-leading, innovative wall pads for all types of athletic facilities. We are dedicated to helping you keep your players and spectators safe during athletic competition and training. We can customize your field wall pads according to your specifications and provide a cutting-edge design that helps your school stand out from the competition.

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Outdoor Wall Padding

We engineer top-quality stadium wall pads for athletic environments where there is a threat of a player or other person running into a wall or other hard surface. You can use our wall padding to protect players against injury in different outdoor sports.


  • Outfield wall pads
  • Backstop padding
  • Dugout rail pads
  • Rail & post padding


  • Endzone wall padding
  • Bleacher wall padding
  • Goal post padding

Indoor Wall Padding

In addition to outdoor wall padding, we also custom-fit padding inside your gym or other sports facility.


  • Baseline wall pads
  • Bleacher padding
  • Side wall padding


  • Back wall padding
  • Side wall padding
  • Bleacher padding
  • Volleyball net pads

Custom Configuration

We can custom create padding to suit any type of athletic facility. Tell us what you have in mind, and we’ll create padding that perfectly fits onto your wall, bleachers, or other areas where safety is a factor.

We can add fasteners or increase fastening strength to ensure that the padding stays on the surface. Our fasteners are designed to withstand rugged athletic condition. No matter how fast and strong your player is, the padding and fasteners will be able to withstand the player’s impact. Our products are used in college and professional sports across the country every single day.

Once we finalize the project, that padding will be ready to install once it arrives on site. Check out our portfolio to discover a range of wall pads that we have installed in high school, college, and professional athletic complex walls.

Why Choose Field Wall Pads

Our entire system of wall padding, custom specialty padding, design, and print work is manufactured under one roof in a quality-controlled environment where each member of our distinguished engineering and design team collaborates on every project.

We fabricate every wall pad with absolute precision, utilizing the most advanced equipment and methods in the industry today. You and your clients are assured superior watertight, protective padding for years to come.

We Are Committed to Your Athletes’ Safety

Our wall pads are specially designed to prevent injuries when your competitors slam into walls either due to running at high speeds or contact with another athlete.

Wall padding can prevent concussions, broken bones, sprains, head trauma, whiplash, and other common injuries that occur from hitting a brick or stone wall. You may also find that the padding is useful for protecting players from metal railings, wire fences, or wood backboards - any surface could harm a male or female athlete.

Wall Padding for Your Sports Complex

If you are ready to create a safer athletic environment for your athletes and sports attendees, then contact Fieldwallpads.com today. We can have your field wall pads or other products ready before your next seasons begins.

To find out more about our products or schedule a consultation, call us at 800-257-6406. You can also message us on our contact page.